Healthier people


No North Carolinian should have to choose between groceries for their family and seeking medical care. That’s why Senator Lowe has worked so hard with his colleagues to urge Senate Republicans to expand Medicaid, something that will provide more than half a million North Carolinians with desperately needed healthcare. A move that will also bring $4 billion into our economy, creating tens of thousands of new jobs in North Carolina, and finally it will ensure that our rural hospitals stay open. Healthier people means a healthier North Carolina and a healthier North Carolina means a state that can and will be a national leader in healthcare.

Educated people


A quality education is the single most important factor to getting a good job and we must ensure that families in communities across the state have access to good schools with well-paid, quality teachers. Every teacher and student in North Carolina deserve to learn in a safe, modern school. But too many students attend class in aging schools that are in need of major repairs. A school bond is the smartest way to ensure that we can build and repair schools across North Carolina without harmful cuts to teacher pay.

Employed people


In Governor Cooper’s time in office, we have seen tens of thousands of good-paying, American jobs be created throughout North Carolina. Workforce development must be a top priority for legislators in North Carolina. We must work to align job training with the needs of industry and develop innovative programs to ensure community college students have the financial support they need to finish their degrees and find good jobs.


Make a difference